Diagnosis: AGC’s Problems and conclusions regarding the root cause

Atlantic Global Corporation

Unit 4IP

Colorado Technical University

Diagnosis: AGC’s Problems and conclusions regarding the root cause

AGC seems to have a problem based on employee motivation and retention issues, which leads to lack of commitment among the employees and increase the rate of employee turnover. This could raise issues of employee dissatisfaction, which in turn contribute to lower performance due attributed to low morale.

This problem requires observation method, analysis, and evaluation should be conducted. The departments of the company should be subdivided with involvement of the human resource management and employee operations. Identifying the root cause of the issue is critical determine an effective solution to the issue. In turn, this will help in identifying strengths and weaknesses in the organization and then focus on strengthening the weakness at the same time building on the strengths to make the company better (Metsäranta, 2021).

The style of leadership is mainly attributed to the root cause of employee dissatisfaction in many places of work. Despite the employees joining and leaving the organization, there seem not to have a concrete strategy to address the matter and to the contrary focus on training new workers and retraining reemployed workers. This approach creates disunity because leaders do not focus on teamwork so that employees can feel they actively contribute to the organization. This becomes even worse when the leaders have a weak cultural diversity awareness, which may lead to lack of trust and overall disunity between the employees and their leaders (Asghar & Oino, 2017).

To bring a solution to the human capital problem, there is need to have a strong cultural diversity appreciation program. Having a strong career growth is not enough to address this issue, but employees require having an inclusive program where every employee is respected based on the culture. This will be critical to inducing global awareness in the organization. To ensure this is achieved employees need to have an integrative decision making where everyone can express their views. This will help in motivating the employees and enable them to perform to their level best.

Intervention: Human Capital Management Strategies for AGC

Given the issues of human capital that the management is facing, there is need to come up with solutions to address them in order promote smooth operations at AGC. The first step is to own the problem and come up with an appropriate solution that will diagnose the issues. Various interventions can be adopted to solve the prevailing issue.

The first intervention that I would recommend for AGC is to implement a transformative leadership strategy that will focus on a democratic style of management. This will be helpful in avoiding instances of dictatorship where the leaders only give directives without considering the views of other employees. In addition, transformative leadership style does not focus on implementing duties but also ensures that the welfare of the employees is safeguarded by maintaining respect at all levels of the company (Delgado, 2021). This is enhanced through communication and encouraging employees to perform to their level best.

Secondly, it is important to have a cultural diversity awareness mechanism and ensure during induction process employees are adequately trained about culture (Asghar & Oino, 2017). This will help in promoting appreciation of other cultures and enhance respect among the workers at all levels of the organization. Training can take the form of informing others about other cultures to ensure employee appreciate cultural diversity and ensure there is respect at all levels.

Finally, I would recommend the company to have employee growth strategy that should be rolled out in the entire company. Employees can be trained and be provided with an enabling environment where they can achieve personal growth aspirations. This will enable employees to have their personal goals and work towards achieving them both at individual and organizational level. This will translate to high performance that will enable the company to achieve its goals.

Evaluation: Effectiveness of Change Management Plan

To measure the effectiveness of change management plan some of the factors to put into consideration include morale of the employees. This will be assessed in terms of employee performance to determine whether the plan is successful. In addition, there should be a mechanism to determine of the premises so that as the employees grow, the environment is also improved.

Another strategy to measure the effectiveness of the change management plan is through a survey conducted prior and after the implementation of the plan. This will be helpful in comparing performance of employees before and after and assessing if the plan has been successful in inspiring employees’ performance and satisfaction. This can help in assessing whether the employees feel being part of the organization and collecting their views on what is being done. This will help in promotion of efforts which aim at ensuring respect and integration of employees at all levels of the organization.

Additionally, it is important to conduct an organization assessment to see whether everyone is understood so that a structure that supports everyone is implemented. This will ensure that all the employees can present their issues freely (Delgado, 2021). Transformative style of leadership is important to create space for innovativeness and granting employees needed freedom to suggest strategies for improving overall performance and enhance a sense of teamwork to achieve objectives. Nonetheless, there is bound to be room for improvement, which requires constant communication and ensuring an enabling work environment that will improve overall performance.


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