Dealing With Situation, Essay Example

Dear John,

I have always believed in your intelligence and potential. This is why I brought you to the U.S. and spent thousands of dollars of my own money so that you will go to college and achieve in life that no one in the family has ever done. Whatever happened in the past is done and there is no use in thinking about it. But one thing still remains the same and that is my belief in you and your potential.

You may not agree with me on some things but deep inside your heart, you know I have always wanted the best for you and not because I wanted something from you but because I wanted you to become the pride of the family. Despite everything, I still have not given up hope that John will see the errors in his ways and will do what he is supposed to do, i.e. study and show the world what he is capable of.

When people are young, they do not always see the wrong in their actions and make mistakes. While one cannot change the past, one can create a better future. The key to success is not to stop due to failures and disappointments but to never give up. Some of the most successful people met with failures countless times but they didn’t let the failures defined them and kept going until success became their friend. I have no doubt your life will not be defined by your failures but by your success which you are capable of achieving and which I dream you will achieve.

You may be living with someone but you know inside your heart that only I will stay with you in both good and bad times. I am not writing to you to make you feel guilty but to let you know that I have not given up on you and you should also not give up on life. Let’s learn from the past and create a future that you deserve.

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