CRJS 3003  Criminal Evidence The Facts Change Discussion

CRJS 3003  Criminal Evidence The Facts Change Discussion


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CRJS 3003  Criminal Evidence The Facts Change Discussion

The two scenarios in the Discussions—and your reactions—unfolded in a certain way based upon instinct, experience, and training. Another factor was the available information. Now imagine that each scenario had different available information, as described below. Choose one set of changed information and respond to the Journal prompts.

Reasonable Force Scenario

The officer was in the neighborhood searching for two young men who reportedly committed a strong-arm robbery at a nearby convenience store. The clothing and physical appearance of the young men walking down the middle of the street match the descriptions provided by the victim. When the officer pulls alongside the two and orders them to use the sidewalk rather than walking in the street, he also intends to get a closer look at the men and question them about their recent whereabouts. The boys deny involvement or knowledge of the robbery, and from there the scenario escalates as described in the Week 1 Discussion.

Deception Scenario

The suspect may be developmentally delayed, and other officers inform Officer Gordon that the suspect idolizes police officers. If able, he would be an officer. The suspect is known to make efforts to help or please the police, despite having been arrested for shoplifting in the past. The suspect was not given Miranda rights during the initial interrogation. The “interview” took place in a secure area of the police station where the suspect was not free to leave if he chose.

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