Content Assessment Discussion Question

Content Assessment Discussion Question


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The goal of this assignment is to develop a formative assessment that allows you to identify the progress in one particular content area for your students who are also emergent bilinguals. Each content area has vocabulary, processes for engagement and concepts that are specific to particular sub areas and that prepare students for future learning. This assignment is for you to think about one aspect of a content area to assess for the student you selected as a focal student or that you have chosen to focus on.

The assignment should include the following:

Content Area Focus – A one paragraph overview of the content area focus you are selecting for this assessment.

What is the aspect of this content area that you are choosing to assess through this formative assessment?

What standards or learning outcomes will this content area focus be addressing?

Graduate students only:

What are the learning progressions? Learning progressions are the skills in a specific areas that are developed over time – when looking at progress towards standards it can be helpful to look at what students know and can on the path to mastery.

Formative Assessment

What formative assessment will you develop or adapt to assess the content area that you have selected?

How will information be documented?

What is the expected response?

What type of feedback will be provided to students?


Discuss the content validity for the formative assessment. What is being assessed?

Graduate students only – Discuss the construct validity – Does the formative assessment effectively measure what it is designed to measure for language learners?


How will the information obtained from this formative assessment effect Instructional change? What will happen based on the formative assessment results?

Connections to course readings

Demonstrate how you are drawing from the course readings to develop a content area assessment.

Graduate students – two course readings.

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