Consumer Behavior Discussion Question

Consumer Behavior Discussion Question


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Learning Objectives

· Explain what marketing professionals can do to make situational factors work to their advantage.

· Describe how companies market products to people based on their genders, life stages, and ages.


Each week you will be asked to reflect and respond in a Discussion Board forum. Your contribution to the topic should be clear, complete, and accurate. This assignment also requires that you read the answers posted by your classmates and respond to at least one of those postings. You are required to meet the following guidelines.

· Develop a detailed response using APA format (in-text citation, reference list) and utilizing at least one credible resource.

· Post your initial response by Saturday, Sept 4th by 11:59pm

· Post feedback responding to a classmates post by Sunday, Sept 5th by 11:59pm

After completing the assigned readings (Chapter 3: Consumer Behavior) answer the following discussion questions.

1.Outline the types of physical factors companies try to affect and how they go about it.

2. Describe the buying patterns women exhibit versus men.

3. What are some of the consumer lifestyle factors firms examine? Discuss why they are important.



Keyana A. Yeoman

Sep 3, 2021 at 1:47 PM

The many physical factors that companies try to affect are store design and layout, store locations, music, lighting, temperature, and smells (Saylor, 2012). These factors can all be controlled by a company. When it comes to the stores layout and design, companies make sure that the set up will be in their best interest making costumers spend more while going around the store. Store locations, music, lighting, temperature, and smells are all in works to make the costumers shopping experience perfect. Like mentioned in the book, Starbucks makes sure that they have a store on every corner and have their products in almost every store (Saylor, 2012).

Most men, proven by research, usually show no care for shopping and just buy to buy, but over the years this has changed. Women take their time to shop no matter how long it takes. Many women use tools while shopping and many men like to see pictures when shopping (Saylor, 2012).

Many companies began to investigate costumers’ lifestyles simply because costumers “can be similar in age, personality, gender, and so on but still purchase very different products” (Saylor, 2012). The lifestyle factors that companies examine include where they work, their priorities, what they like to do, what their values are, etc. These are important because as you look into Chapter 5 consumers need to be put into “market segmentation”. Market segmentation allows companies to separate people and know who there selling to and what products they are interested in specifically.


Saylor Academy . (2012). Defining Marketing . In Principles of Marketing (Vol. 2.0). essay.

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