Business and Management Assignment

Business and Management Assignment


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This purpose of this write-up is for you to develop growth recommendations, a growth plan, and identify growth challenges for a small-to-medium sized company. You will gather information from the company’s website and develop recommendations based on our course framework that would allow the company to grow. You will also use our course framework to develop some growth plans—specifically indicating what type of people/processes/financing/etc. would be needed for the company to achieve your chosen growth strategy.

Company choice: Please choose a small or medium sized business of your choice, different from the one chosen for the first write-up. The main requirement is that they have a website with information on their current products, customers, markets, etc., as this is how you will acquire the information needed to complete the write-up. If your team needs help in choosing a company, please let me know as soon as possible so that I can help you select one that is appropriate.

Memo Content
Please read through the company’s website to gain an understanding of their current products/services. You do NOT need to talk with anyone from the company—please only use what you learn from the company’s website.
Based on your understanding of the company’s current products/services, develop a strategy for the firm to grow. Use the course framework to help you develop your chosen strategy.
Based on the chosen growth strategy, what are the most important thing (processes/people/financing/etc.) that need to be in place for the company to successfully deliver on this strategy? In developing the growth plan, use the course frameworks and exhibits to help determine the most important aspects of your chosen growth plans. Please make sure you cover all of the potential aspects of a growth plan including organizational structure, organizational culture, human capital & human resources, operations, marketing, and financing. You may use exhibits to show less important aspects of the growth plan.
Based on your chosen growth strategy and plan, describe the challenges that the company may face in achieving these goals. Focus on the most important challenges. Describe how the company can overcome these challenges.
Grade Breakdown
This assignment is worth a total of 250 points. You will earn up to 225 points based on the quality of your growth strategy/plan/challenges write-up, how well it connects to the course framework, and how well you argue for your chosen growth strategy and challenges. You will earn up to 20 points for following the formatting guidelines. Your essay will be run through the Turn-it-In plagiarism filter, so be sure to examine the plagiarism rules if you have any questions.

Spelling/Grammar/Formatting 25 points max
Growth Strategy 75 points max
Growth Planning 75 points max
Growth Challenges 75 points max

Memorandum format (for example, please see: (Links to an external site.))
To: (Your briefing memo should be addressed to the top management at the company you chose – whoever is listed as CEO/Founder/President on the website)
Cc: Dr. M. A. Barlow
From: (Team members names)
Re: Growth Recommendations and Plan
Please use 1-inch margins
Times New Roman 12-point font
Single-Spaced within paragraphs; Double-Spaced (12 pts) between paragraphs and extra line between major sections.
Proper grammar and spelling
If you cite a source, please use a footnote to provide the reference.
Minimum of 3000 words, not including any title you use, your name, or the date. This is a minimum, but the is no maximum—write enough to ensure your recommendations are taken seriously.
Major section headings are encouraged to enhance readability (these can be bolded/underlined as needed).
You are allowed to include as many exhibits as needed to help make your case. These will not count towards to word count minimum but could help you ensure you are not missing anything important aspects of your chosen strategy and plan. Please number your exhibits and reference them within the text of the memo.
Please hand in your assignment as a Word document. If your document will not upload, please email it to me BEFORE the deadline. Your submission will be checked for plagiarism, so please do not plagiarize any of your work.
Failure to follow these directions will lead to a loss of points.

Only Focus on the Growth Planning. Write about 1100 words. Company: Tervis

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