Basic Habit Change Discussion Question

Basic Habit Change Discussion Question


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You may choose either:

improving your handwashing (great for avoiding catching flu this season),
dental hygiene (flossing optimally to clear bacteria leading to many illnesses) OR
water conservation (ways to recycle water in our current drought in your household).
washing hand with soap dental floss and toothbrush faucet with a drop of water


Step 1: Get a Behavioral Baseline: Observe your behavior to see what you are doing and what needs improvement. Take 3 days or so.

Step 2: Educate Yourself & Set a Specific Goal: Find out from reliable sources what the optimal health behavior is, then focus on a specific personal goal to move your health habit in that direction. (See educational resources below or find your own). Do these quickly in 1 day.


To start off, please describe what you learned from your self monitoring of your habit of interest before you try to change anything.

Succinctly describe what the habit is like, where it happens, and what might be contributing factors which may also need to be changed.

Note any barriers or challenges you found, just from recording. Note where you are and who is with you when the habit occurs or should occur.

Did paying attention change the habit at all ?

When a behavior is observed or monitored, very often the mere fact of keeping track does change it, if you know you will be monitored. This is called the Hawthorne Effect.

Did you encounter the Hawthorne Effect ? If so, did it help you start to change your health habit ?

Education Step

Here you will post about how you got good quality health information to educate yourself about the optimal habit to have.

What was the most compelling form and type of education – video, in person chat, reading articles or searching out website, etc.

Goal Setting

Given what you are aiming to accomplish, set a realistic goal. Made sure your goal is focused

Tell us what your goal is.

Helpful Tip: See the Instructions posted in Canvas for more information.


As this post cover Step #1 and Step#2, it can be a bit longer than 200-300 words if needed, but please summarize, and be succinct.

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