Assignment: My Disease Risk Factors.

Assignment: My Disease Risk Factors.


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So many diseases can be prevented if you assess your risk factors and consult your medical professional early on.

Visit the Washington University School of Medicine’s Siteman Cancer Center website

(Direct Link: to assess your risk of the following diseases:

  • Cancer
  • Diabetes
  • Heart Disease
  • Osteoporosis
  • Stroke

1. Take at least one of the disease risk assessments.

2. Write at least 200 words describing the results and what you learned.

3. Submit your assignment using the Factors link above.

4. This assignment is due by midnight Sunday night.

Grading Grid (Journal/Assignment):
Writing displays adequate content and at least 200 words, word count posted70 70
Reference is cited1010
APA format is used1010
Spelling and Grammar1010
 TOTAL 100  100/100

After you’ve completed the Informatics Interactive Case Study and associated what you have learned thus far in the course with topics such as ethics, closed networks, and HIPPA, reflect on the activity using the journal tool.

You’ll need to click the “Create Journal Entry” tab above to begin. Make sure to discuss the experiences you encountered within the case study, including the choice you had to make regarding how to work with Jillian on the situation. Don’t forget to reference ethics, closed networks, HIPPA, and any other related materials you have studied.

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