Assignment: Capella FPX4010 Assessment 3



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Throughout this paper, I will formulate a quantitative research question. Secondly, identify relevant qualitative methodologies and strategies that would support answering my research question. And lastly, explain the importance of targeted data collection to a research plan as a whole.Part 1Quantitative Research QuestionIf proper timeout protocols and safety procedures are being performed, why are retained surgical errors on the rise from one thousand five hundred to an increase of four to six thousand surgeries cases each year?Part 2Quantitative Methods and Data CollectionQuantitative research involves the use of deductive reasoning to investigate a particular social phenomenon, or a research question. Hence, quantitative research measures a problem by generating numerical value or data that can be transformed into usable statistics (Bhat, 2018). Furthermore, quantitative research study is an effective method of gathering data from a large sample, translating that data to design polices which can impact on a large population. Examplesof quantitative research are data gathered and used in voting polls, and United States Census reports (Allen, 2017). By conducting quantitative research studies, researchers seek to describe current situations, establish relationships between variables, and explain relationships betw

Targeted Data The application of targeted data collection aids in determining what relevant quantitative data my research should be centered on. In addition, target data excludes irrelevant information and allows researchers to focus on applicable indicators that are associated to the research and reduces any inaccurate outcomes. Therefore, I formulated my quantitative research question to inquire, does the presence of proper surgical timeout procedures decrease the amount of retained surgical equipment left behind in patients’ post-surgery.The hospital acquired condition that I have selected requires an approach which involves an immersive observance of daily operations throughout a hospital’s surgical department. The quantitative data collecting strategies and tools that would be required in attaining informative information will comprise of face to face interviews and post-surgery questionnaires quantitative data strategies. The foundation of healthcare is to provide optimal care for all patients and discover creative approaches to improve that process. To reduce any concerns or doubt, I will execute transparency to all participants and reiterate all findings are for the improvement of patient safety and quality.

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