Art Discussion Question Assignment

Art Discussion Question Assignment


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3.0 Shapes Assignment (GRADED ASSIGNMENT)
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Upload your18 shape variations AND your experiment where you made at least 20 different shapes to the discussion board.


3.0 Shape Variations (GRADED ASSIGNMENT)
Design Principle: Shape


A contained, edged-in area on the two-dimensional surface. Or an area that suggests containment. A shape is always interdependent with another element (shape or space) in the composition.

Nonobjective Shapes

Pure forms that do not reference reality.

Representational Shapes

Are shapes that look like something in the world. Representational Shapes are based on observing something in the world and re-presenting its look in shape form (say, as opposed to sculptural form or photographic form).

Abstract Shapes

Are derived from reality but distorted, simplified, transformed to reduce a direct resemblance to the original source.

Experiment: create as many shapes (both abstract and representational) as possible. You have to make at least 20 shapes. Sketch them in your sketchbook with pencil, then outline them with Sharpie. Experiment with different line thicknesses. Experiment with lines that are wavy, dashed, dotted, etc. You turn this in–see below.

Choose one of your shapes and expand on it. Or start with a new shape.

You need your Bristol board, pencil, sharpie.

Using a sheet of Bristol board lightly make a grid. Start by making a 1/2″ margin all around the edges. Then divide the paper into 18 squares. To do this make 5 vertical lines and two horizontal lines. Your grid looks like this:

Now the “squares” will be a little more vertical than horizontal but that is okay. In each square make a variation on your shape.

Turn this in.

Here are the rules for turning in your artwork this semester:

Your work is signed and dated.
Your work has a name card with your name on it in the photo.
Review 0.2a Photographing your work

Requirements: Bristol 14×17 one paper | .doc file

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