Appreciating Aesthetics Discussion Question

Appreciating Aesthetics Discussion Question


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Due Date: 11:59 pm EST Sunday of Unit 3

Points: 100


In this assignment you will reflect on your own aesthetic sensibilities and explore the concept of aesthetics to deepen your understanding of why it is important to involve children in the arts and allow them to experience their environment in ways that encourage critical thinking. The assignment has two parts, each of which has an activity and a written essay.


Part A: Non-traditional Objet d’Art

1. Find an object in your environment that is not typically considered to be an object of art and that you can defend as an artwork. This could be a beautiful shoe, an antique iron, or any object that is not traditionally considered art.

2. Take a picture of your object to include with your submission.

3. Write an essay of one page in length (with at least two paragraphs) addressing the following:

a. Describe your object and explain why you consider it to be an objet d’art. Why is your object art?

b. In your own words, define the concept of aesthetics and reflect on what you have learned about this concept through defending your own objet d’art.

c. Describe three things such as classroom activities, room décor, guests, or field trips that you could implement to help children develop their aesthetic sensitivity.

Part B: Assemblage Art of Found Items from Nature

1. Create a display of natural items such as acorns, pebbles, shells, seed pods, and twigs. You may add non-natural items to the display if you feel it enhances your creation.

2. Take a picture of your creation to include with your submission.

3. Write an essay of one page in length (with at least two paragraphs) addressing the following: CHS201 Creative Activity Unit 3 Assignment: Appreciating Aesthetics

a. Description of the objects in your creation regarding the senses (e.g. how they look, feel, smell, taste, and emotional connection).

b. Why is it important for children to develop aesthetic sensitivity? Describe three benefits of aesthetic sensitivity in children.

Requirements: • Submit your two-page essay (one page with minimum two paragraphs for Part A and one page with minimum two paragraphs for Part B). Use double spacing and 12 point, Times New Roman font. • Submit a picture of your non-traditional art object (Part A) and a picture of your Assemblage Art of Found Items from Nature (Part B) with your essay

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