Analyzing the given Op-Ed

Analyzing the given Op-Ed


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In your own words, write a thesis statement that fits the author’s argument. Remember, a thesis statement is a single sentence that identifies the main argument. This can only be one sentence. You do not need to introduce the author, the article, or the topic first. Just write a one sentence argument. 

2. Does your thesis state the significance of the argument? Does it answer the question: “So what?” Rewrite your thesis by adding the words “because”, “in order to”, “which means” to the end and completing the sentence to communicate the significance of your argument. 
Example: “Loan forgiveness is needed for Black students.” 

 Rewrite: “Loan forgiveness is needed for Black students in order to…”

 3. Find a quote that shows the author’s use of one of the rhetorical devices (pathos, logos, and ethos) and explain which device is being used and how in your own words. Include the quote and your explanation.  

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