Advanced Practice Nursing Homework Questions

Advanced Practice Nursing Homework Questions

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Nursing practice would be considered registered nurses that specialize in treating patients and preparing them for the doctor. Duties like checking a patient’s blood pressure and prepping them to see the medical doctors along with educating them with proper follow-up care are expected. RNs will also be responsible for administering catheters and helping patients bathe and dress if necessary as well as reporting their ongoing status to ARNP and doctors (Florida National University, 2017).

Advanced practice nurses are registered nurses who have had further education so they can be licensed to prescribe medications, diagnose, and treat illnesses. ARNP will perform duties that are outside of the responsibilities of a RN. These responsibilities make an ARNP able to provide a certain amount of medical care. This is because the ARNP receives an extensive amount of medical education and training (Florida National University, 2017).

Theories are important to APN because they provide perspectives for viewing and understanding phenomena we encounter in our work. The perspectives we develop as advanced practice nurses comes from our experiences, values, beliefs, and education. When we approach a patient care situation from a distinct specific perspective, we use that perspective as a theoretical framework (Utley, 2018). A research study was done to evaluated wither Orem’s Self-Care Deficit nursing theory could be used by the APN in primary health care settings. It concluded that Orem’s SCDNT serves as an appropriate theoretical framework for nursing practice within primary healthcare settings (Yep, 2021). With the researched conclusion, you can apply this nursing theory to advanced practice nursing.

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