AdSim final paper Assignment

AdSim final paper Assignment

Section One: Beginning State Assessment
In this section discuss where your firm was when the game
1.How was the firm doing?
-Firm (RBJY) was new and fresh like the others
2.What was the marketing
contribution, etc?
-Marketing Contribution for 2021 was $25,507,981 along with the rest of the class. in 2022
Section Two: Overview of your World
In this section you discuss your world. 1.How many teams?
-There are 6 teams in our world.
2.How were those teams positioned in the market?
-Everyone apart from RBJY and Tres amigos scattered throughout the simulation but ultimately the scoreboard is RBJY, Tres amigos, Firm1, Group6, Pixel Smart, and ONA.
3.Who was
your main competition, why?
-Our main competitors were Tres amigos inc and Pixel Smart for a bit until we pulled away. Each rollover they kept battling us.
4.How did the teams evolve
over the 8 periods? (ie. What was the most popular
positioning strategy?)
-We all trended upwards, however our group did overall better than the rest each rollover. Our positioning strategy was social networker, video streaming, screen, and fun and exciting. We played with simple and affordable and noticed the other groups had more success with fun and exciting.
Section Three: Overview of Strategy
In this section give the overview of your strategy
throughout the game. This is not specifics but more
general target market positioning discussion. If you
changed strategy during the game please discuss why in
broad terms here. Be sure to include how you were
positioned vis a vis your competitors in your World.

-For the most part we stuck to our strategy, however we noticed we were favoring returning customers as opposed to meeting both new and returning’s needs. We began to average it out better. Also as far as allocating the % for each advertisement was better understood throughout the simulation.
Section Four: Decisions and Results
In this section you give a brief outline of each periods
decisions. Why you made them and how they turned out.
What did you learn from that period feeding into the next?
Please be sure to highlight the key research insights that
led to changes in strategy and creative execution.

Section Five: Overview of the Game
1.Now that you are done playing what do you feel you team
did right?
-We definitely spent our money correctly. The first thing we decided was we weren’t going to be frugal at all. We maxed out on the budget each rollover and put it to where it needed to be. We also utilized the surveys to see what % we needed to have for each ad. We also made changes depending on the results and competitors.
2.How did those actions translate into success?
-We ended up on top so it translated very well.
3.What mistakes did you make? How do you feel those
effected your performance?
-We could’ve been better with new customers. That was the hurdle all semester long. Again, ultimately our strategies turned out great but we could’ve had more results with paying closer attention to new customers and even top of mind awareness and unaided brand awareness

4.How did your team use
research? What did you learn about the importance of
-Research was done by purchasing the coverage, demand, and tracking reports. We looked into each report and made changes when necessary. Research is extremely important as that’s the only way you can analyze the situations and improve.

5.What lessons do you feel you learned from the
game that will help you in the future?
-This taught us how the workforce would be. This can be used for social media marketing for a small business to even working in an actual corporation.

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